Explanation sought by city resident

(I sent this to city council and asked for it to be read from the floor during the comment period at the Oct. 28, 2020 meeting, but for some reason it was not read. I feel it is the height of favoritism and hypocrisy for two members of council and administration to sit by and allow council members Martin and Woods to besmirch council member Turner, but not allow citizens to make comments about council members. I think it is fair that Mayor Lawson and administration to explain this.)

I ask that this be read during the comments from the floor.

The words and actions of two council members in the past months are very unprofessional and shameful. What they have done and said make these two look like spoiled rotten brat children throwing a fit when they didn’t get their way.

Also for the rest of council and administration to  stand by and let this go on is unbecoming of them and reflects badly on them.

This fiasco makes the city look bad, and letting this continue gives the appearance they don’t care how it looks.

How would they explain this to a business or person looking to locate in the city? I ask that council and administration condemn this in the strongest terms; and not just half heartily condemn these actions  and issue a cease and desist ultimatum to Martin to Woods. Also, both should apologize to Turner for trying to besmirch his character.

Ural Harris,


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