Prescription Drugs: Lower Prices, More Cures

Prescription drug prices burden the budgets of many. It is a problem that demands the.

My kids – a balanced approach

By Debbie Hall I hope your Mother’s Day was awesome.  Mine was pretty spectacular, albeit.

Work ethics

By BEN R. WILLIAMS I recently saw a photo making the rounds on social media,.

A tribute and salute to First Generation Teachers: “The Gold ‘ore’ In Education” 

“The teacher, regarded as a semi-god, a community leader, a moral example, a foundation of.

Queasy Rider

By BEN R. WILLIAMS     Back when I was in college, I was driving home.

Biden’s First 100 Days: An Oversight Update

One of Congress’ primary duties is oversight of the executive branch. President Biden recently marked.

No trespassing

By BEN R. WILLIAMS     Author’s note: I’ve noticed that the “NO TRESPASSING” signs I’ve.

Johnson & Johnson vaccine

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized Johnson & Johnson’s (J&J) one-shot COVID-19 vaccine.

Retrocession, not statehood, for D.C.

The U.S. House of Representatives will soon vote on statehood for the District of Columbia..

Technological advances in the Ninth District

Technology has the ability to deliver new opportunities for rural areas like ours. New and.