Disappointed in comment

I am very disappointed in Councilman Jim Woods’ comment that Councilman Danny Turner is a pathological liar. This is a cheap shot and beneath the dignity of a member of city council. Councilman Turner is the most active member of council, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. I remember him getting masks out into the local community and leading the way in helping small businesses apply for PPP and City CARES grants.

Mr. Turner organized celebrations for Easter Sunday, V-E Day, V-J Day, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July Day and organized ribbon cuttings for non-members of Chamber of Commerce businesses, honored all World War II veterans in Martinsville and has arranged for a Veterans Day Parade and remembrance at the People’s Cemetery this Nov. 11.

He also called out the city for its injustice in the Dillard Street real estate deal and helped the Berry-Elliott Real Estate firm correct this injustice.

So, Mr. Woods, I think if you would try and live up to Mr. Turner’s example instead of unfairly tearing him down, I think this city would be a better place.

Matt Carswell,


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