We can do better

First of all, I would like to say thank you to everyone out here dealing with this deadly virus, all the hospitals, doctors, nurses, they are working around the clock to keep us safe and alive! If you have to go out, please do everything in one trip! We’ve all got to deal with this, no one is better than anyone else, all the money and stuff you have is not important, just pray and pray that God will take this away from us all and heal us one by one, but we’ve got to follow the rules! I wish we had got started early in January 2020 when we first heard about it, it was not fake news and it could not be washed away. This is real! If only we had got started on it earlier, so many wouldn’t be dead, but we have lost a lot of people because we didn’t have our ducks in a row. (My uncle would always said.) Pray and pray and God will make us whole and please stay home! The only good thing about this virus, we are home to get rid of junk and clutter. May God bless us all.

Betty Turner Gordon,


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