Pro Evans

This coming Tuesday, voters in the 16th VA State House District, which includes the City of Martinsville and a good portion of Henry County, have a very important decision to make. They can choose to stick with the status quo for a fourth consecutive term or vote for a candidate with energy and new ideas like Dustin Evans.
Mr. Evans’ ideas include deregulation to help struggling farmers in our area, lowering barriers to entry which the state has in place on new healthcare facilities locating in the Commonwealth, and securing more funding for Southern Virginia schools.
Meanwhile, his opponent voted to increase state spending 15% overall this year as well as to allocate $750 million in tax revenue to a fund designed to subsidize one of the world’s largest companies in Northern Virginia. He also had a 25% attendance record in the 4 planned community forums for voters while Evans attended/RSVP’d for 100%.
Southside Virginia needs someone who will be there 100% of the time and not send our tax money to Northern Virginia. I hope you consider voting for Dustin Evans November 5th.
Eric Bowling

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