Update on transportation projects

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is working on the slide area east of Moran’s Hill on Highway 57. Road stabilization work should be completed in another week, but additional work is needed below the road.

Only minor items of work are left to complete on the U.S. 220 Safety project, from Bassett Forks to the Franklin County Line. The project will be completed before the October deadline.

The safety project on U.S. 220 South at Church Street in Ridgeway will finish this week. All Henry County Smart Scale projects are screened, with the exception of the pedestrian accommodations in the Town of Ridgeway. The application deadline is Aug. 3.

Paving projects are underway countywide. The six-year plan will be discussed at the July Board of Supervisors meeting.

(Based on a report obtained from Henry County Administrator Tim Hall)

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