Unopposed incumbents seek support in Nov. 5 election

By Corey Thompson

Incumbents Scott B. Grindstaff and Linda N. Love are among those up for reelection. Both are unopposed in their respective bids for Treasurer and Commissioner of the Revenue.

Grindstaff, 56, is currently in his 20th year of service to Henry County.

Since assuming office, Grindstaff said he has done his best to simplify and streamline office operations, many of which are geared to making transactions more user friendly. That includes offering more options for payments through online services, and a simplified billing system so that residents know exactly what they are paying for and how much.

He said that his office always has been and will continue to be service oriented.

“My boss (is) the voters,” Grindstaff said. “We serve them and their needs.”

Grindstaff said he also knows the biggest issues facing the area are education and the workforce. He is hopeful that the county will find a home for the New College Institute (NCI), a four-year educational institution, and will keep fighting for it.

“Education is key,” he said.

His office is also behind the push to increase the workforce in the area. He said he works with colleagues in other departments to provide entrepreneurs and businesses with the tools they need to succeed.

Grindstaff said the best way to accomplish these goals is for the community to get involved. He believes in the full effectiveness of democracy. With that comes transparency, although his hands are somewhat tied in that respect because his office handles confidential information that cannot always be given to the public.

Still, “most of what we do is a matter of public record,” Grindstaff said. “Everyone is able to find and research most of what we do.”

He encourages his staff to be forthcoming with any information they can, as long as it is legal to provide it. Grindstaff said those in his office share a common goal – they are there to serve, but is quick to remind resident that his office merely collects revenue; the Commissioner of Revenue and her office determine and assesses ownership.

Love said she is currently in her 12th year as Commissioner, and 29th year of service to the county.

After graduating from Bassett High School, Love began working in the Commissioner’s office, and eventually worked her way through the ranks to be where she is today.

“I was taught by the best of the best,” she said.

During her tenure as commissioner, Love said she has tackled issues of trying to help get new businesses in the area. However, the tax rates she has to work with are already set by the time they get to her and her staff.

Still, she said she is always open to listening to residents, and open to hearing their comments.

She says people should continue to come to her office with any questions they have. She is happy to answer them or help in any way she can. Even though she is running unopposed, she would still love the support of the community so that she can be assured she is serving them correctly. She says her campaign slogan is the same today as it was when she first ran: “My door is always open.”

Each day is different, Love said, adding that she truly enjoys her work.

“I love the work I do,” said Love. “I like serving the people. They are easy to talk to, and my staff is amazing.”


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