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Uptown Pinball, a video arcade located in Martinsville, features skeeball, pool, air hockey, multiple arcade machines and modern game consoles, virtual reality, and old school pinball.

Laser tag tops every hour, and two entire buildings unlock their doors for gamers and their friends.  Guests travel from game to game, to win or lose, and repeat and repeat for as long as the arcade is open.

The atmosphere is alive and energetic. Innocent eyes widen when seeing the video arcade for the very first time, and older patrons recall evenings and Saturdays enjoyed with their favorite pinball machine, competing for the high score.

Uptown Pinball provides hours of excitement for children of all ages. And what’s also great is that all parents and grandparents have to do is simply be there. The view from a café table is better than TV and just as relaxing. Watching one’s children—live and in person—having one of the best afternoons of their childhood is time well.

Uptown Pinball is the most amazing place to be entertained—full of glitz and a smorgasbord of continuous free-play games—at the cost of a small entrance fee. Birthday packages also are available, with group rates and outside food permitted.

There are plenty of seats and tables, a snack bar, and a bathroom.

Address: Uptown Pinball, 35 East Church Street in Martinsville. Check the website for current costs and information at or call (276) 224-7139.


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