Some court proceedings to continue amid COVID-19 emergency

An order signed Thursday by David V. Williams, chief judge of the 21st Judicial District, detailed the types of cases that will be heard during the COVID-19 emergency.
The General District Courts in Henry and Patrick counties and the City of Martinsville will remain open to hear the following types of cases:
Arraignments, all types of bond hearings, protective orders; criminal trials and preliminary hearings for incarcerated defendants.
All other pending cases (traffic, criminal and civil) will be continued and rescheduled.
Those with traffic citations for vehicle inspection, expired vehicle registration, not having their driver’s license or vehicle registration in possession. may have their case dismissed by providing the clerk with verification they have corrected the issue.
Only those necessary to a proceeding will be allowed in the courtroom.
Anyone deemed necessary who is sick should alert the Clerk’s Office, Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office or their attorney’s office. Cases that cannot be heard without a witness who is sick will be continued.
Juvenile & Domestic Relations courts will continue to hear arraignments, bond hearings, protective orders, emergency removal petitions, any criminal matter involving an adult defendant who is incarcerated or a juvenile defendant who is detained and foster care review hearings.
If you are scheduled to be in court for one of those cases and are feeling ill, contact the Clerk’s office to reschedule your case.
If you have any questions about whether you need to appear in court on your scheduled court date, contact the appropriate Clerk’s Office:
Henry County (276) 634-4830
Martinsville (276) 403-5168
Patrick County (276) 694-3927
All other matters will be continued to the earliest possible available date.
The Clerk’s Offices for these courts will remain open and operate on normal business hours at this time.
Everyone is encouraged to transact any business with the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office by mail, phone, or electronic means. Please consider not accessing the Clerk’s Office if your business is considered non-essential, such as passport applications and concealed handgun applications.
Concealed handgun applications may be mailed with a copy of your driver’s license, a copy of your previous/current handgun permit, if applicable; evidence of completion of handgun safety course, if you are a first-time applicant; and $35.
Visit the Clerk’s Office website for a complete list of online services at www.henrvcountvva. aov/clerk-of-circuit-court.
Payment for fines, costs, and restitution can be made at www.vacourts. gov or by mailing to Henry County Circuit Court, 3160 Kings Mountain Road, Suite B, Martinsville VA 24112, or by calling 276-634-4880.
Contact the Henry County Clerk of Circuit Court at 276-634-4880 for any questions or concerns regarding these requests.
All civil, traffic, and criminal matters including jury trials are continued, subject to a defendant’s right to a speedy trial, with the exception of emergency matters including bond hearings and reviews. The court will exercise its discretion in cases where the defendant is incarcerated. Anyone with a question regarding the status of their case should contact their attorney.
Courtroom attendance is limited to attorneys, parties, necessary witnesses and members of the press for matters that cannot be continued.
The order will remain in effect until April 6, 2020, unless expanded.

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