New cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Henry County

Health officials reported four new cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in Henry County, bringing the total to 16 cases.
A man in his 50s was confirmed to have the illness, according to a release from Nancy Bell, public information officer for the West Piedmont Health District.
The man is believed to have had exposure to someone who has the virus, Bell said in the release.
He is isolated at home, his close contacts have been identified and quarantined, she added.

A man in his 40s, with known exposure to the virus also has a confirmed case of the virus and has been isolated at home, Bell said, adding his close contacts have been identified

A woman and a man in their 20s also were confirmed to have the virus, according to Bell.
Each had known exposure to COVID-19 cases, and travel exposure, the release stated.
The two have been isolated at home, and their close contacts identified.
Bell also added that a confirmed case initially reported on April 26 on the Virginia Department of Health’s website for Henry County was actually an Henrico County case and should be corrected on the website soon.

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