Martinsville schools tap Eastman COVID-19 Relief Fund for PPE

Travis Clemons, executive director of Administrative Services for Martinsville Public Schools, is pictured with Plexi-glass dividers, Tyvek suit, face shield, gown, face masks, forehead thermometer, and Hygenica Electro Hygiene System. (Contributed photo)

Martinsville City Public Schools recently received $20,000 in relief funds to help buy personal protection and other equipment to protect students and staff as the division continues to provide services to students and families.

These services include providing a free education preschool through grades 12 to the children of Martinsville, providing medical support by having a full time nurse in each school and a teen clinic at the high school, providing mental health services with counselors and support personnel in all of our schools, as well as providing free breakfast and lunch to all of our students. During the school closure and throughout the summer, the division has been using its buses to deliver free meals and provide pick up service at two of our schools for our families, serving over 900 meals a day to ensure that our students are fed during this crisis. City schools continue to provide educational services and counseling services during the closure.

With the purchase of personal protection equipment, the division can continue to provide these vital services while upholding the safety of its staff, students, and parents. Purchases of personal protection equipment include face masks for students and staff, face shields for staff working with younger children, touchless thermometers for all facilities, touchless hand-sanitizers for classrooms, buses, and other congregate areas such as the cafeterias and libraries, plexiglass shields for all facilities, and UV wands for cleaning laptops as they are returned to the schools and redistributed to families.

“We are thankful to Eastman for their support of our families and staff in Martinsville,” said Martinsville City Public Schools Superintendent Zeb Talley. “MCPS will continue to support the safety of our students and community. These funds will greatly assist us in this endeavor.”

The school system’s vision is to empower success one learner at a time. Its mission is to create a safe and supportive learning environment that engages students in individualized learning experiences. The division is high-poverty with three of our four k-12 schools being Title I school-wide and all of our schools are Community Eligible Partners serving all students free breakfast and lunch. To assist with supporting families, the division has been providing laptops to anyone needing one elementary through high school to address any equity issues. Equity and service to our community are at the heart of everything the school system does.



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