Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

It is becoming painfully apparent, that we need to remove our President from his office as Commander in Chief.  I cannot see another four years of chaos, divisiveness, ignorance and irresponsible behavior.

I know it is difficult to listen to any tv station, radio talk show or read newspapers to clearly get an unbiased take on true facts or fake news.

Rather, it is easier to listen to any real time Trump moments and hear his speeches and how incapable he is to make sensible statements.  If he reads a prepared speech, he almost convinces me that he can articulate.  It is when he speaks off script, in front of helicopter noise, or to foreign dignitaries, or to members of Congress that he blurts out evidence of his ignorance of basic knowledge, his inflated self-worth, his lack of empathy and an inability to grasp the integrity of what it means to be an American.

From the beginning he has failed to understand his relationship to the other branches of government, assuming they work only for him.  He has no significant knowledge of the Constitution that he vowed to defend.  He has dismissed important generals, experts and other professionals who could have helped make a successful presidential term.

He has tarnished our worldwide reputation and it will take years to restore.  As painful as it may be, please listen to this man as he continues to embarrass our country.  He has violated the constitutional emolument clause; he has given “aid and comfort” to adversary governments, solicited other countries to interfere in our election process and has regularly shown mental instability in decisions and decorum.  He doesn’t know what he is doing.

This is my opinion for the opinion column.  Thank you.

John Rehder,


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