Ice cream shop to open in April at Collinsville site

Livy’s ice cream shop plans to open in mid March for a couple of weekends prior to its official opening, in which they are aiming for April 1.

The shop is located at 2842 Virginia Ave. in Collinsville. It will be open seven days a week, starting at 4 p.m. and later on the weekends. Livy’s ice cream shop will share this space with Chris Starnes State Farm, which has embraced our theme of an old county store. State Farm is providing rocking chairs and picnic tables for families to enjoy their favorite award winning Homestead Creamery flavors.

Livy’s will serve Homestead Creamery ice cream in 16 different flavors, milkshakes, cookies and sundaes.

Rodney Billings, owner, said prices range from $2-$5 and that an average family of four can enjoy premium ice cream for less than $20.

For the full menu, visit them online at

The entire menu can be found online. Livy’s is currently accepting applications online at



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