Henry County woman wins $200,000 while buying a snack for her pet lizard

You might call him the Lottery Lizard

Charlene Goad and her husband have a pet lizard named George. It seems George has a taste for worms, so the Bassett couple went to a nearby store to pick up a snack for their pet.

Unfortunately, the store was out of worms. Goad said her husband was about to leave when he spotted some Virginia Lottery tickets for sale.

“He said the green seven just kept popping out at him,” she told Virginia Lottery officials.

He bought four Jewel 7s tickets and took them out to the car. Goad scratched the tickets as he drove. That’s when she discovered one of the tickets was a $200,000 winner.

I said, ‘It’s not real! I don’t believe it!’” she recalled.

But it was real. She had just become the sixth person to win the top prize in Jewel 7s (game #1773). That means four more $200,000 tickets remain unclaimed.

The winning ticket was bought at Fas Mart, located at 5975 Fairystone Park Highway in Bassett. The odds of winning the top prize in this game are 1 in 734,400. The odds of winning any prize are 1 in 4.27. Jewel 7s tickets can be Green Emerald, like the one Ms. Goad scratched; Blue Sapphire; Ruby Red; or White Diamond. Prizes range from $5 to $200,000.

Goad said she hopes to pay off the mortgage with the winnings.

As for George, he didn’t seem impressed, although there may be a wormy feast in his future.

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