Henry County Recognized as Certified Employer of Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Program

This week, Henry County was recognized by the Virginia Department of Veteran Services (DVS) as a “Virginia Values Veterans” (V3)-certified employer. Through this initiative, Henry County has demonstrated a commitment to recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining Veterans and serving members of the National Guard and Reserve.

“We have always had veterans working for the County,” said Michelle Via, Henry County’s Director of Human Resources. “This certification demonstrates our continuing commitment to employing Veterans and supporting our employees that serve in the National Guard or Reserves.”

Virginia Values Veterans is a program of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Department of Veterans Services, developed to educate and train employers throughout the Commonwealth on the value of Virginia’s veterans, and to help employers connect with these veterans to maximize the productivity of their workforce. The V3 program not only aims to educate and train companies on why it is a good business decision to recruit, hire, train, and retain veterans, but also to help those certified companies meet their hiring goals.

“We are very fortunate to have men and women who served our country as part of the Henry County team,” said Henry County Deputy Administrator Dale Wagoner. “We will continue to make hiring veterans a priority and we are committed to supporting those employees that currently serve in the National Guard or Reserve.”

Henry County currently has veterans working in the Treasurer’s Office, Sheriff’s Office, Public Safety, Refuse, 9-1-1 Center, Building Inspection, and the Public Service Authority.



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