Fuel prices plummet during travel restrictions

By Brandon Martin

Amid multiple stay-at-home orders, gas prices are dropping to decade-lows, according to data provided by the travel and navigation app GasBuddy.

The six states country-wide that are seeing decade low numbers are: Wisconsin, Kentucky, Michigan, Oklahoma, Minnesota and Illinois.

In a related list compiled by GasBuddy, Virginia is one of 13 states with gas prices under $1.

On April 20, the app showed that Buck’s Fuels listed their price for regular gasoline at $1.44. Megan Harbor, an employee at the gas station on 406 Bridge Street in Martinsville said business is holding steady.

“We pump the gas for you so if you’re looking to avoid common surfaces then we’re the perfect option for you,” she said.

Prices are down in other parts of the city as well.

The Valero on 1105 Brookdale Street is posting prices of $1.42 at their station. The Kroger Fuel Center sits one cent cheaper at the station located at 240 Commonwealth Boulevard. Overall, there appears to be a 20-cents range reported in the city, with prices from $1.35-$1.55 as of April 20.

Henry County is also seeing lower numbers as well, with prices in Bassett ranging from $1.35 to 2.69.

Nancy Hawks, who works at the Speedway on 5740 Virginia Avenue, said that business has increased since the prices have lowered.

“We’ve certainly been seeing more folks coming through,” she said. “Right now, our regular gas is $1.38.”

The app allows the user to search for gas prices by city, state, zip code, and it has listings for all cities in the U.S.

Recent fuel prices at Buck’s Fuels in Martinsville are pictured. Fuel prices in Martinsville and Henry County have steadily decreased during the response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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