Deadline nears for Virginia taxpayers 

Virginia Tax is reminding taxpayers if you haven’t yet filed your individual income taxes for 2019 in Virginia, the automatic, six-month filing extension deadline is just days away.

The deadline is Sunday, Nov. 1, 2020, but because it falls on a weekend, you have until Monday, Nov. 2, 2020, to submit your return.

“Last year more than 488,000 taxpayers took advantage of the automatic, six-month filing extension in Virginia, and the majority of those returns came in electronically,” said Tax Commissioner Craig M. Burns. “Because of COVID-19, we encourage taxpayers to file electronically this year too and to request a refund, if you have one coming, via direct deposit.”

Here are some things to keep in mind as you prepare your return:

The standard deductions have changed. They have increased to $4,500 for individual filers and $9,000 for married couples filing jointly;

If your 2019 income was $69,000 or less, you’re likely eligible to file electronically for free. The criteria for each provider is different, so you’ll need to review each option carefully to make sure you qualify before you get started; and

If you do end up owing taxes, there are multiple options for making a payment.

To track your refund, use the Virginia Tax “Where’s my refund?” tool, or call our automated refund system at 804.367.2486.

If you have questions about your return and need more information, visit the Virginia Tax website or contact the Virginia Tax Customer Service hotline at 804.367.8031.


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