Control Valve failure causes water issues for PSA customers

Some customers of the Henry County Public Service Authority may see cloudy or murky water from their spigots today. A control valve malfunctioned near Trent Hill Drive in the Bassett area overnight, and it resulted in sediment being released from the main water lines running from the plant.

“The water and turbidity continue to be in contact with chlorine to ensure safety,” said Mike Ward, the PSA’s Director of Regulatory Compliance and Technical Applications. “It may be unsightly, but it isn’t harmful. We suggest that customers let the water run for a short period before using or consuming it.”

“We know that this is causing some concern, and we apologize for that,” said Tim Hall, PSA General Manager. “Our staff is working hard to get the valve fixed and to flush lines throughout our system.

Anyone with questions is asked to contact Ward at (276) 634-2540.

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