Commission issues warning about fraudulent e-mail, phone scams

The Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) issued a fraud alert to warn citizens of reports that individuals are being targeted across the country with scam e-mails and telephone calls seeking to gain access to their personal identifiable information (PII) for unemployment insurance. 

The fake e-mails and telephone calls give the appearance of coming from the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) or the VEC, and ask customers to click on links in the e-mail or to press a button to talk with a representative to answer questions on the phone. 

The VEC will never ask for all nine digits of a social security number to identify a claimant. 

The agency encourages anyone who has received a fraudulent call and has given any personal information to a potential fraudster to report the potential identity theft to the Federal Trade Commission at

The VEC also suggests filing a police report with your local police department.

Customers are reminded to protect their person information and to never share your password. 

For more information on this scam, visit  

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