Cheer sets hours, seeks donations for annual event

Christmas Cheer will begin accepting applications on Wednesday, Nov. 4, and will be open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., until Wednesday, Nov. 25.

The office space is located at 10 Liberty Street, near Lester Home Center and Taco Bell. It is situated two doors down from Grace Network.

The number of people who can be in the office at a time will be limited. All parties must wear a mask and have temperature checked per COVID-19 guidelines.

Applicants entering the office will register and then return to their vehicle where they will remain until it’s their turn.

Applications must be completed in person, and proof of residency in Martinsville or Henry County is required along with a photo identification (ID). All household residents must provide their Social Security information and date of birth. Acceptable proof of residency is a Virginia drivers license, a city or county utility bill, or an AEP bill.

Christmas Cheer has been assisting families in need residing in Martinsville and Henry County since 1951. Providing toys to children 10 and under. Cheer also provides each household with a generous food box and a blanket. The fundraising goal for 2020 has been set at $45,000. Donations can be mailed to PO Box 540, Martinsville, VA 24114, or dropped off at the Cheer Office.

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