Bidding underway to name a baby camel, the newest addition at Infinity Acres Ranch

Camille, an expectant mom, interacted with guests attending her baby shower. The event, held June 13 at Infinity Acres Ranch in Ridgeway, included a silent auction for naming rights and other prizes.


By Brandon Martin

The opportunity to name a baby camel is still up for grabs, according to Laura Steere, co-owner of Infinity Acres Ranch in Ridgeway.

The minimum bid for the prize is $200, with each consecutive bid requiring a minimum $20 increase.

Rick Steere, co-owner of the ranch, said that creative names are welcome, but the Steeres will reserve a final veto on the name to prevent any inappropriate suggestions.

Guests attending a baby shower at Infinity Acres Ranch Saturday had the opportunity to interact with other animals. Here, they are feeding birds in the aviary.

The naming rights are the top prize from a silent auction held June 13 at a baby shower at the Steere’s farm for expectant mom Camille. Other prizes included camel-themed decorative items, a rafting trip, and food prizes at the Danville-based food trailer, Get Buffaloed, which was among businesses catering the event.

Guests could also interact with animals by feeding and petting goats, rabbits, birds, and of course, Camille.

Youngsters also were invited to take the maiden voyage on the ranch’s new feature — the Critter Train.

Rick Steere said that each one of the carts on the Critter Train represents an animal that can be found at the ranch. He said crafting the carts was a community effort, with supplies purchased locally.

While youngsters were taking their lap around the ranch, parents had an opportunity to enjoy a drink from Mountain Valley Brewing, which also catered the event along with the Infinity 4-H Club.

Youngsters took turns in fun Cornhole games at Infinity Acres Ranch in Ridgeway.

“It’s a joy being back in business,” said Herb Atwell, co-owner of the brewing company. “We’ve been able to host events outside lately, and it’s nice to get back in the groove of things.”

Rick Steere said that the coronavirus pandemic also impacted the ranch, and had interrupted what otherwise looked to be a promising year.

“We’ve had to get pretty creative because of it, too,” he said. “One idea was the baby shower and silent auction, but we’ve also been hosting ‘Zoo to Zoom’ sessions, where people can interact with some of our animals.”

The baby shower also helped to underscore the ranch’s mission of providing educational and interactive opportunities by using domestic and exotic animals to encourage physical, emotional and psychological well-being.

To learn more about the ranch, donating, volunteering or to bid on the camel’s name, visit the ranch’s Facebook page or

Goats are among the popular animal attractions at Infinity Acres Ranch. Youngsters flock to pet them.
Rick Steere wears many hats as co-owner of the ranch, including conducting the Critter Train, which made its maiden voyage Saturday in Ridgeway.












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